Who we are

Young Volunteers were founded in 2001 by children aged 4-18 and we are an approved union with registration no. ΛΕΥ/Σ/115.

Teaming up with our parents, working voluntarily and through our active participation, we aim to raise money to help children and families in need. Our group initially started with 20 children from 5 different schools in Nicosia. Today we count around 3500 children from elementary and high schools in all the provinces of Cyprus and still growing.

Our work

Since September 2001, we have created the “Young Volunteers” park, a milestone of our vision.

Another major achievement is the founding of “Sing for a Purpose” Choir. Working alongside with notable artists of the Greek pentagram, has three recording collaborations in its resume and is preparing for the fourth recording with the contribution of our musicians Cleopatra Charalambous, Angelos Doukas and other artists from Cyprus and abroad.  

Since 2021, “Sing for a Purpose” Choir  and  Strovolos  Municipality, joined their visions, creating the Strovolos Municipality Young Volunteers Choir “Singing for a Purpose”.

We created the first park with European Specifications in Cyprus, the 12th Mentor Unit, which informs school students about addictive substances, renovated the entrance of Makarios Hospital and undertook the renovation of its paediatric surgery ward with the “Beautifying the Ward of Love” campaign undertaken by the Juniors group of our association.

We have created the Summer Workshop for Young Volunteers “Music and Arts”, with the help of our musician Cleopatra Charalambous. In the near future we aim to offer the “Love Swings” for most parks where they are suitable for children with kinaesthetic problems.

We have groups of Young Volunteers in various schools in Cyprus approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture, where we talk about the values ​​of volunteerism and we established a program for children which includes creative activities and crafts and all income goes to strengthen the association.

We organize events, concerts, workshops-lectures on topics of common interest, gatherings and excursions on the topic of the environment, people, children, music, the arts, etc.

Various organizations such as Bank of Cyprus, National Bank, Ministry of Labour, OPAP Cyprus, Cyta, Ernst & Young, Rotary Club, ATHIK, AEK EXXON MOBIL, Amadeus Aegean Airlines, Hilton Hotel, Music Moments Studio, Floralink, Nicolas Ntimas Music Productions, Pandora Bakeries, Pizza Hut, The Art Hub, Healthy Yogis, George Taekwondo Club and other organizations and individuals, embraced our work. They supported us both financially and with their presence at various events and actions of the union.

In our “Young Volunteer” foundation,  young members offer their enthusiasm while senior ones,  guide them through their experience and knowledge.


A volunteer’s contribution is huge, but much of their work is not often recognized as it should, because is unpaid work spontaneous, informal and voluntary without structures and specific rules.

Our effort is the greater recognition and facilitation of voluntary work and greater promotion of its purpose. AS Young Volunteers, want to establish the institution of volunteering and charity in Cyprus.

Vision: The creation of the largest voluntary group of children without borders.

Mission: To awaken feelings of giving, in children and people in general, to make them aware of modern problems and the well-being of our society.

Teamwork: Teamwork and Team Spirit are important factors that contribute to a better and more efficient way to achieve our goals. Consider each volunteer’s contribution as a puzzle, where each piece contributes to the overall result.


  • Cultivate and put into practice the idea of ​​volunteering
  • To strengthen the relationship between children and parents
  • To offer humanitarian and financial support with the child’s participation in constructive activities
  • To remove children from the dangers that lie in wait for youth
  • To develop team spirit and friendship
  • To develop personal and social skills
  • To cultivate environmental awareness
  • To strengthen the qualitative and emotional level of every person



“Young Volunteers” bond with its volunteers can be characterized as a blood relationship. Since its founding, the presence and direct involvement of volunteers in all areas of the association’s offering is important.

Since2019, the “Young Volunteers” Juniors group was founded, which undertook the campaign “Beautifying the Ward of Love”, aiming to renovate the Paediatric Surgery Ward of the Makarios Hospital of Nicosia and the “Easter Hunt for Oroma Foundation”, where money was collected through the event to create better living conditions for the people of Gongo in Eastern Tanzania through the Oroma Foundation.

Juniors group consists of active volunteers and through it they organize activities and campaigns to strengthen the charitable work of the association. The group can be joined by people aged 18 and over, who can actively participate in its activities.


The financial support of the foundation is the driving force for strengthening and expanding its programs.

Taking into account that “Young Volunteers” is a non-profit organization (NGO), it is understandable that to raise funds to support people in need, Young Volunteers organize various events for financially support the Foundation.