21 Years ago, an 8-year-old girl dreamed it!

Along the way…thousands of kids made it happen!

From the beginning… we parents supported it!

We are grateful … because thousands of people embraced it!

That’s why… we thank them very much!

«Legacy for a better tomorrow»

Voluntary work is an integral part of every culture and society. The general concept is defined as the contribution of individuals in the context of a non-profit, unpaid action, offered in everyone’s free time, with the aim of the well-being of our fellow man, the community, and the society in which we live in general.

Young Volunteers believe that everyone can contribute, regardless of age, social, family and professional obligations. Our association is dominated by the motto “one is above zero”.

Our Emblem

Coloured hands embrace the whole world regardless of gender, language, colour, religion and culture.

We Dream, to establish the institution of volunteerism and charity in every person, young or old.

We want the wonderful principles of volunteering to touch as many children as possible.

We seek to awaken the sensitivity, kindness, and humanity that we all hide within us.

Our mission, the awakening of feelings of contribution to fellow human beings, the awareness of the contemporary problems of our society and the direct involvement in finding essential and functional solutions.

We try, our response to human suffering, whether it is financial or of another nature, to always be immediate and done without delay and bureaucracy.

Young Volunteers learn from an early age the virtues of volunteering, offering their pation and enthusiasm, while seniors guide them with their experiences and knowledge. Through our programs and meetings, we want to shape independent, creative, and responsible characters.

Our ultimate goal is:

  • To teach children and put into practice the ideals and principles of Volunteering.
  • Cultivate in children the voluntary consciousness from an early age and put into practice the idea of ​​volunteering.
  • To strengthen the relationships between children and parents.
  • To offer humanitarian and financial assistance and support, where needed, through our participation in constructive activities.
  • To remove children from the dangers that threaten youth.
  • To develop team spirit and friendship as well as personal and social skills.
  • To teach children how to develop critical thinking.
  • To strengthen leadership skills.
  • To cultivate the spirit of consensus, teamwork and cooperation
  • To support and push them to expand their horizons.
  • To teach children to accept diversity.
  • To help them, to cultivate empathy and to help, in whatever way or means they have, those in need.
  • Cultivate environmental awareness.
  • To teach love for animals and nature.
  • To strengthen the qualitative and emotional level of every person.

Our Activities

Various teams operate under Young Volunteers, such as: the Choir, the Construction Group, the Environmental Interest Group, the Little Cooks Group, and others while in the summers we organize our summer workshop.

Our teams are active and organize:

  • Events of a charitable and public interest nature
  • Educational, entertainment and artistic events
  • Seminars, lectures and discussions of educational and informative content
  • Campaigns
  • They collaborate with and support other charitable and educational organizations.

Our progress so far, our countless actions, our rich work, our practical and multifaceted contribution to society, has established us in the world’s consciousness, while the large number of our members and supporters proves the wide acceptance of Young Volunteers from our society.

We want the world to know that we may be young in age but we have big heart. After all, love, solidarity, humanity and giving make a person human and these values ​​are an integral part of every volunteer.

We dream that our Philosophy and Actions, our Joint Effort, our Enthusiasm and Will, will push other children and young people to join us and together we can make the world we live in even better!

We are Young Volunteers, and you will find us all over Cyprus!!!

Registration No.: ΛΕΥ/Σ/115

Address: Meteoron 6, 1307 Chrysaliniotissa, Nicosia

Phone: 70001770


Email: info@theyoungvolunteers.com

Website: theyoungvolunteers.com