In the occasion of the International Volunteering Month celebrations, Young Volunteers, strengthening the broader social work of the association, organized with great success an afternoon tea themed “Love Life” and with speakers Rena Kazamia and Yiulis Papaiakovou. The tea was held at the premises of the cafe “Black Brick” on Stavrou Avenue in a packed room. At the same time, Pamela Papaiakovou promoted her shirt created by the painter, just for this purpose.

The funds from this event, as well as the Tropical 90s event organized by the association’s Juniors Group, were donated to the Arodafnousa relief center. The check was received on behalf of the Anti-Cancer Association by Dr. Marlene Dimitriou.

The Board thanked the speakers for their constant support for the association, Pamela Papaiakovou for its creation as well as all those who participated contributing to the success of the event.

Rena Kazamia: Young Volunteers are huge love!!

The Cyprus Anticancer Society is also a huge love and at the same time a devoted partner to life against cancer!!

Both organizations together are a superpower that overflows with positive emotions, hands that give hugs, that warm souls, that unite prayers, cares, that generously distribute love.

I thank you and I am honoured that I was able, through your invitation, to honour your wonderful work and to stand by you with real love.

We sincerely thank Young Volunteers for organizing beautiful events to support our project. It is very special when one charity receives love and support from another charity.